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Customer Letters

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These are some of the letters that we have received from CD customers.  This might also convince your boss to purchase a CD for you!


Your CD saved my life.  I have been using it at work for the past year.
People here are allowed to use speaker phones, and I am doing computer programming.   Can you imagine how I would be able to concentrate without my cd?

Thanks again,



Hey Michael,

I just spoke to you on the phone about ordering 3 white noise cd with only
track# 2 (Gentle Breeze) on it.  I just placed the order online for the 3
cd's ....  Please send the cd's as soon as possible.  My husband cannot
sleep without it and now my 9 month old son loves it.  His 30 min naps turn
into 2 hour naps!  There is no other cd in stores or other internet sites
like it.


Jamie C
New York, NY

.....We live in NY city in a two bedroom and my husband Steve uses the white
noise cd in order to drown out the construction of the new building across
the street

.....  I couldn't remember your email address or your company's
name.  I searched tower records and amazon, we couldn't find anything.  We
went to the local music store and bought maybe 10 different "relaxing" cd's.
They were terrible they all had animals chirping on them or music intermixed.
None had the wonderful masking sounds of your white noise cd!

......So I bought three cd's.  One for Florida, one for Brandon my son, and one
for back up or to travel with us on vacation.

Thanks again for your cd,

Jamie C


Dear Mike:

I received the CD the other day.  It's perfect.  The internet has shown us that there seems to be a market for just about anything --including a CD with 75 minutes of wind on it.  But it's brilliant -- I've lived in apartment buildings for years, and have tried a lot of things to cover up noise at night while I sleep -- fans, radio static, etc.  None of them work that well, but your CD seems to be EXACTLY what I need.  

I expect I'll be looking for you in about ten years, when the thing wears out and I need another one.  In the meantime, thank you

-- Peter B



I'm sitting at my desk at work listening to the Gentle Breeze track,
actually getting some work done in spite of the din outside my door! This is great! Your cd is a career saver. Thanks.




I just wanted to say thank you!  My 18 month old has slept great since we started playing the CD we bought from you for her room.  (73 minute Gentle Breeze)

Thanks again,

Aimee R


Dear Mr. K....,

We received the "Sleeptight" CD about a month ago and use it every night.Our favorite track is #2, "Gentle Breeze" (sounds more like a hurricane!).

Would you please send us a 1-hr CD which has only track #2 on it?....................the "Sleeptight" CD is  great, and I don't mind going on the record. ...........

David D.
Norman, Okalahoma


I just wanted to say that you have a great product that you are selling on your site. I purchased your three track CD a few years ago and it's made my life a bit more comfortable. I live in an apartment complex full of college students and the walls here are cracker jack thin. Your white noise CD (especially the Gentle Breeze track) helps to mask all the booming base and noise that goes on around here. Again, I would like to say thank you for making a cheap and inexpensive white noise CD that really works.

Karen C



I bought one of your white noise CD's a while back.  I just wanted to let you know how great I think it is.  It's kind of like a virtual private office!  It's made me much, much more productive in the hideous cube farm environment in which I work (I'm a contractor so I often don't have much of a choice as to my office environment).  Thanks for this great product!



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