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Sleep tight is an audio white noise CD designed to help mask or cover up undesirable noises at night (barking dogs, chirping birds, snoring partner, etc) or during the day (speaker phones, chatting co-workers, loud talkers, big mouths, etc.)  You can use it as a sleep aid.

This background noise CD was specially recorded and edited to avoid any sudden changes in volume that might awaken or distract you. Natural stereo sounds include a rain noise and a river noise.

Better than a sound machine- this CD has 2 channel stereo sound and you can use it with a portable CD player and headphones.

Some of the advantages of this CD over a white noise machine:

    1.  A CD is hard to break or wear out-- no mechanical parts.  Do CD's wear out?
    2.  Better noise blockage-- Each speaker on your stereo is like having an extra sound machine.  When the CD sounds are coming at you from several directions, they cover up undesirable noises better than noise from a single speaker.
    3.  Cheaper than a white noise machine.
    4.  Better quality sound.  A sound machine generally has only 1 cheap speaker while your stereo likely has much better speakers. Note, noise machine sounds sometime gets scratchy or pop after repeated use. These 3 CD sounds have been edited to remove annoying pops, scratches, volume jumps, etc.  CD sounds stay fairly constant over time.
    5.  Handy for people to use at work with headphones.  Good feedback from cubicle dwellers on improved productivity.
    6.  Many CD players offer random play of different tracks or automatic repeat of the track most soothing to your baby,  patient, child, or the one that covers barking dogs the best.
    7.  The treble/bass/preset sounds on a CD player allow you to create many variations of these three sounds, based on how you set your player.