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Sleep tight is an audio white noise CD ROM that you play in your stereo or portable CD player. It is designed for use as a sleep aid CD that helps to cover up undesirable nighttime noises (barking dogs, chirping birds, snoring partner, etc). Or, use this white noise CD to soothe and console your crying baby or just as a pleasant change from your neighbor's lawn mower.  CD's of this type have shown to be effective in calming and quieting colicky babies.

This CD can also be used to help mask distracting noises at work.  Just slip on your head phones to cut back on the effects of speaker phones, chatting co-workers, loud talkers, big mouths, or other problem noises.  Users have reported very favorable results in masking office noises- resulting in an improved job performance.

This background noise CD was specially recorded and edited to avoid any sudden changes in volume that might awaken or distract you. Natural stereo sounds include a rain noise and a river noise.

Just start the background sound CD before you go to sleep and set your player to repeat a single track or the entire CD. Don't waste your money on a single channel natural sound selector or white noise machine with 1 small scratchy speaker (which won't let you use headphones) that might break. Use the stereo quality CD player or portable player you already own to surround yourself with these relaxing sounds. This CD is recorded with 2 channel stereo sound. 

If ear plugs alone don't seem to stop the noise, you might give our CD a try.  It should pay for itself with one good night's sleep, or 1 extra hour of concentration at work.  If you have a reasonable boss, you might even be able to get him to pay for it. Good luck.


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