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Excel Consulting - Past Project Examples and Possible Uses

Excel custom macro programs can be created for a variety of tasks that are not always obvious.  If you have an excel spreadsheet problem, help could be closer than you think.  If it is something that we have done before, we can probably do it again, maybe faster.   ;-)) J

Some uses are listed below. MaKro Consulting has created Excel (XL) spreadsheets and visual basic macro programs (VBA) that automatically do the tasks listed below:

bulletHigh speed input forms and keyboard methods to maximize speed of data entry while minimizing input effort.  Make it easier on your worker and hopefully make them happier and more productive.
bulletRepair files with the dreaded Too many different cell formats problem.
bulletHigh speed estimators- create customer price estimates for manufactured buildings,  print supply requests, leasing, etc based on specific products (1-10,000) that you are selling.
bulletAliasing program to convert various file types in non-standard format to a standard format for use in updating online  parts database.  Used to reflect current inventory from many different suppliers.
bulletUpdating 100s of existing spreadsheets to reflect the latest version (new equations, union agreement changes, product changes,  VBA code changes or additions, etc)  Do it automatically instead of manually over and over and over again.
bulletRollup 100s of data entry worksheets into a summary report with a single click.
bulletAutomatic recommendations and reports based on high speed input questionnaire.
bulletCalendar creation to put your calculated time sensitive events on an easy to read Excel created calendar. Format your calendar for import to Google Calendar for use on your Android phone.  Reminder of important events a year+ later.
bulletSpreadsheets that both READ from and WRITE BACK to online Quick Base databases.
bulletSmart spreadsheets that automatically update themselves from a  Quick Base database.
bulletEstimating spreadsheets that update themselves (interest rates, etc.)  from a file placed on a web site.
bulletPull down menus for your products that allow quick data retrieval and lookup.
bulletSpecial excel programs to do special editing, row deletion, formatting, and searches.
bulletHigh speed data search macro and location within an Excel database.
bulletSelective data retrieval from Microsoft Access or other databases.
bulletAutomatic import of data from Quick Books to XL for special reports and calculations.
bulletAutomatic data formatting macro to allow easy export from XL to programs such as Quick Books
bulletCustom excel program to draw and dimension technical drawings using database values.
bulletSpecialized invoices with customized input for different customers, projects, & properties.
bulletCustom data formatting for data transfer between different programs or spreadsheets
bulletSpecialized payroll and analysis (with high speed input) for a phone sales force.
bulletEnable/Disable protection systematically to prevent worksheet/program damage.
bulletPerform extensive, detailed engineering calculations.   I have a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, Texas A & M.
bulletProgram for blending different types of hydrocarbons from plant locations around the world and calculating the resulting properties, or lowest cost blend..  (API Gravity, Density, Viscosity, Aromatics, etc.)
bulletTrack hydrocarbon transport, departure and arrival times, volumes and types of hydrocarbons within a network of pipelines.
bulletSpecial excel programs to download data, format data, and create Excel databases from information on the internet.
bulletSpecial Program to improve speed of plant pickup and shipping from a major greenhouse.  Track inventory and locations.
bulletProgram to use Excel as a time clock replacement.  No need to buy the time clock or the time punch cards.
bulletData Analysis/Charting :  For projects such as changing the way that CPR is done.
bulletAnd many more.

E-mail us to discuss your specific Excel (XL) macro  project.  Here are some examples of what our customers say about our work.

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Not sure how to send an E-mail attachment?  Here is the procedure for Outlook Express.  If you are concerned with the security of your file, you can password protect the file and call us with the password.  All files received are held strictly confidential.


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