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Listed Below are some Excel links that should help you to find an answer to your Excel problem.  If you want you save some time and have us do the consulting work for you, please E-mail us to discuss your project.

Your first step should be to try Excel's built in help. Otherwise, the first 4 items on this list should answer most common questions.  The sites are sorted by category, then by ranking (1=best).  I will assign more meaningful rankings when time permits. If you would like to suggest a new ranking for one of these links, copy the reference number and use the form at the bottom of this page.

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NEW PROGRAMMERS--If you can't get visual basic help on your computer, you might need to install the visual basic help files.  Quoting Microsoft's Visual Basic Programming guide (see link below, in the Programming category).

"How Do I Display Visual Basic Help for Microsoft Excel?
To use Visual Basic Help for Microsoft Excel, you must click Custom during Setup and select the Online Help for Visual Basic check box for Microsoft Excel. Otherwise, Visual Basic Help won't be installed. If you've already installed Microsoft Excel, you can run Setup again to install Visual Basic Help."

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Ref# Rank Site Category Description
12   Microsoft All Types Microsoft Online Help Facility:   XL97     XL2000     XL2002     XL2003
14   Google All Types Search Google groups  for an answer to your question.
15   Microsoft All Types Search Microsoft newsgroups for an answer to your question.
23   All Experts All Types Answers to questions
16   shef All Types Basic operations:  printing, entering formulas, etc.
66   MrExcel All Types Message Board, Q & A
66   Excel Tips All Types Tips, books, etc.
2   Peltier All Types Chart / Graph Tutorial
65   Help desk All Types Books, Tutorials.
24   Off Recover All Types Excel Data Recovery
19   MIT All Types Excel users group at MIT.
20   Microsoft All Types Excel downloads from Microsoft
22   FAQ All Types Spreadsheet FAQ
25   winsite Downloads Various excel downloads.
27   stanford Downloads Business analysis software, statistics.
29   ZDnet Downloads Different spreadsheet applications, Tutorials.
30   dnload.com Downloads Different spreadsheet applications.
32   Baarns Downloads Excel, Access, and Word Programs
33   finance Downloads Financial modeling
35   J-Walk Downloads Free Downloadable Excel Files
37   Alan Downloads Free Downloads and VBA code examples.
39   Chip Downloads Free Downloads and VBA code examples.
42   J-Walk Downloads Power Utility pack for Excel- adds worksheet features.
44   setileague Downloads Radio astronomy, SETI
47   man Downloads statistics
65   synkronizer Downloads Office Add-ins & utilities sold here
61   office-addins Downloads Office Add-ins & utilities sold here
49   add-ins Programming Add ins to speed programming for sale.
50   Lacher Programming Advanced Visual Basic for Applications Tutorial
54   J-Walk Programming Developer Tips and Examples
55   Microsoft Programming Microsoft Office Developers Forum
56   Microsoft Programming Office 97 Visual Basic Programming Guide.
57   Russell Programming Excel and Word Solutions
62   tommy Programming VBA examples and code.
63   WindMill Programming Feed serial device data (GPS, lab,..) in to Excel
64   Microsoft Programming Visual Basic Developers Page

Last Updated on  11/20/16

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