Excel Customer Letters

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These are some of the letters that we have received from Excel customers.


Got the invoice.  Is there anything you don’t do with a macro ;-).

We’ve checked them all, and they appear to calculate correctly.  If we ever find something amiss, we will let you know. 

You did some really great work!  Thanks, and it has been a pleasure working with you. 

Rod C.



I am totally impressed. You have blown me away with the effort in just a short amount of time. It works awesome. ...................................... I'm going to call this version 1.0. So over time we can enhance it as I get feedback from the sales force and customers over the next few weeks.
Thanks again so much. This is really awesome.

Director Product Marketing
Keyfile Corp.


Mike, you're my hero!  Thank you so much!  If you were here, I'd buy
you a drink!

Amy  :D (done panicking and smiling again)


Hi Mike,

Great start...you do good work Mike...it's great working with a free thinking and competent vendor. Line Item 5 is great. Of course we've made a few changes in general - overall a great job...I'll send any changes we make...............

Thanks for the great turn-around on this...As usual, great doing business with you.

....................you're a great find and I'd refer you in a New York minute. In fact, I have....thanks again.

Life Safety Associates


Hi Mike,

They both downloaded and opened without a hitch.

I tested the macro, and it is EXACTLY what I needed.  Thanks for making the
cell references relative and column specific.  You have done a FANTASTIC job!

My boss and I thank you - profusely!



Hi Mike,


Saving file on allocation of number and confirmation message is magic, as is
the facility to subsequently save with other macro button.

3 zoom options just the job, especially being able to set the zoom rates so

Very happy indeed with the drop down box for product selection, and the link
to add new products. 

I wish my department could afford to offer you a job creating lots of Excel



Just a quick note to let you know that we are extremely happy with the work
that you are doing and appreciate the way that you are working with us.

Thanks Mike.



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