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NOTICE: Home Loan should not be used as a substitute for a financial consultant. Always consult a professional for help in financial matters. Home Loan is not free software, but it is cheap. Send in the payment, as requested, if you find Home Loan helpful. This is a fully functional program, created using Lotus 2.3 macro programming.  NOTE, the address shown in the program is no longer current.  Here is the correct address.

Home Loan is compressed to 650KB in the file HOMELOAN.ZIP. You need to use an unzip program, to uncompress this file.  Most versions of Windows can do this by clicking on any file in the compressed folder and then extracting all files.

Download the file and copy to a newly created C:\HOMELOAN folder. Click on HOMELOAN.ZIP to unzip the file. Click on the HL.BAT file to start the program. Home loan looks best under a full DOS window. It is usually not necessary to run Install.exe before the first use.

Download Home Loan if you would like to try the program.  This  program will run under DOS BOX in Windows 7  (Alt-Enter will give you a full size screen).  If you have Windows 7 professional and have installed XP mode, it will run under XP mode IF you Disable Integration features.  (Top of  screen, ....Tools.....Disable Integration Features.) 

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